William Levick Primary School

William Levick
Primary School

Year 6

We have had a wonderful start to Year 6. The children are enjoying learning about pre-historic life in our topic 'Stone Age to Iron Age'. So far we have compared different homes, food and tools used in these times. 

On Monday 23rd September we went on a trip to Creswell Crags, where we experienced life as a person living in the Stone Age. This including examining bones from prehistoric animals and learning how to survive in the Stone Age era. 

Our current book is 'Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q Rauf which the class are really enjoying, especially exploring the themes related to refugees.

In maths we have moved onto calculating using the four operations and in science the current topic is Evolution, which links perfectly to our history topic.

Below is a link to our autumn newsletter, which gives important information for the year ahead.