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Other Success Stories

We are proud of our many achievements, both inside and outside of school.

Here are some of our greatest successes so far this year...

Charlotte, Cerys and Rowan were fantastic ambassadors for our school last Thursday. They had carefully put together a presentation outlining what’s best about our school and presented this to prospective parents after school.

They spoke clearly and confidently and many adults commented on their good presentation skills. Thank you to all three of them!

Girl's Football

On Thursday 13th October, 15 children across Walliams and Rowling classes competed in a Girls' Football Competition at Tupton Secondary School. 14 teams across Derbyshire took part in this very well attended event, two of which were ours! The children did fantastically well and were a true credit to the school in what was a very enjoyable, fun afternoon. Thank you to the children for being such great sports, and to their parents for their fantastic support!

Cross Country

On the final day of last half term, 13 brave children competed in cross county event at Eckington Secondary School. The children were fantastic and did amazingly well! I hope their success encourages others to take part in future - well done kids!

Remembrance Day Parade

Just some of the children who supported the Remembrance Day Parade in Dronfield on Sunday 13th November. The wreath was made by a group of children during Golden Time activities." Many more of our children paraded with other organisations

Sporting Sucess - Ben

We are hughly proud of one of our year 6 children who won an athletics competition in the boys over 11s category at the English Institute of Sport on Sunday. His overall score across sprint, 600 metres, long jump and throwing got him the 1st place medal. He is now joining the Hallamshire Harriers athletics club where he will be attending more competitions. Well done Ben!!

Children In Need & Friendship Week

It was great to see all of the children dressed down and supporting Friendship Week and Children In Need on Friday 18th November. The school raised a fabulous £198. Well done everyone!

Poppy Appeal

We are pleased to announce that school rasied £195.45 for the Royal British Legion through our poppy sales. Thank you!

Bird Feeding with Potter Class

The children in Potter class have had a lovely morning making an edible Christmas tree for the birds in our garden. We used cereal hoops, toast and popcorn to make some delicious treats to build the bird's fat stores over the Winter. Keep checking back to see how it goes...


On Saturday 19th November 15 of our wonderful choir sang at the Christmas Craft Fair at the Dronfield Civic Centre. The children were amazing, singing beautifully. They were excellent school ambassadors and a joy for Mrs Wileman and myself to be with. Thank you to the children and also the family members who came out in great number to support us.

Christmas Tree!

William Levick's Christmas tree, kindly donated by Broadfield Mowers, Broadfield Road, Sheffield. Expertly decorated by the children!


This Christmas, the choir have been spreading festive cheer at Meadow Grange Care Home, singing a mixture of traditional and modern Christmas songs and carols to the residents. They sang beautifully and were very well-received by all at Meadow Grange.

Enterprise Day
The Enterprise Day held just before Christmas raised a fantastic £208.40. Thank you to everyone for their terrific support!

Cauliflower Cards

Cauliflower Cards the academic year raised a brilliant £330. Well done children for the amazing designs, and thank you to everyone who bought them!

Y1 Gymnastics

On Thursday 5th January the Y1s took part in a gymnastics celebration at the Gladys Buxton Centre with two other local Primary Schools. The afternoon was a fantastic success, enjoyed by all of the children. They were brilliant ambassadors for the school, behaving impeccably throughout, well done! Thank you very much to all of the parents/carers for making this happen by their wonderful generosity with lifts.

Bright Beep Day

It was great to see the whole school take part in our road safety day on Tuesday 10th January. I hope the day was exciting for the children and helped to continue to raise awareness of the need to be safe when walking to and from school.

Fire Service Visit

On Thursday 12th January the Y2s and Y6s received a visit from the fire service linked to fire safety. Upon leaving, the fire service officer commented that this school had the best behaved children in it, for the Y2 and Y6 - well done everyone!

Sporting Sucess - Ben

Competing in the South Yorkshire Indoor Track and Field event with runners from South Yorkshire, Coventry, Durham and Stockport. Ben is in the u13 category so, a fairly young one in the group. He ran the 200 metres and the 60 metre sprints. He got a personal best in both events taking an amazing 2 seconds off his previous time on the 200, running at 31.40 seconds. He came 10/25 in the 200 and 12th in the 60 metres.

Competition Winner - British Gas

The whole of the key stage two recently entered a competition ran by British Gas, in which children had to draw a comic strip showing how to save energy in the home. We are pleased to announce that Jack Woollen won the regional prize! He was presented his prize of an iPad mini and Wilbur penguin cuddly toy in assembly. School also received an Einstein tablet to use in science lessons. Well done Jack.

World Book Day

World Book Day was a fantastic success! All children, and staff enjoyed dressing gown (I mean down!) and also enjoyed their 'book at bedtime'! Thank you to all of the children for entering into the day so enthusiatically!

Waste Week

Waste Week was capped on Thursday with a day full of workshops for the school on waste an recycling. I am pleased to say this was a great sucess and has inspired even more ideas for for wonderful Eco Team, we are doing a brilliant job in school at the moment!


We are pleased to announce that the enterprise event, run by our Junior children, raised an incredible £104.02 for charity, with the School Council deciding that this should go to the RSPCA. The cheque was presented in an assembly just before Easter to a RSPCA representative. The children decided previously that half of the profits would go to charity and half would go to school.

Maths Geniuses

Well done to our Maths Geniuses who participated in the Maths Quiz at Goreseybrigg - you did us all proud!

Comic Relief

School raised an amazing £153 for Comic Relief on Friday 24th March. Thank you to everyone for pledging money to tell jokes.


School raised £56.00 for the Bags2School, thank you for your support!

Night at the Museum

Saturday saw the school’s Night at the Museum. This was a truly fantastic event! The children were brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as did the teachers and parent volunteers (I think!) I would like to thank all of the children who went for their superb behavior, the staff for giving up their time to make the visit such a success, and the parents for volunteering their own time to ensure the trip could go ahead.

Eco Award

Congratulations to Mrs Peckett and our Eco-team who have just achieved the Silver Eco-schools Award. This is thoroughly deserved for all their hard work – well done!


Thursday say a fantastic football tournament here at William Levick, between our children and Dronfield Junior School. It was a wonderful event, including boys and girls from both schools competing in competitive but friendly games. Well done to all children who participated, you were brilliant on and off the field! Thank you to all who watched for their wonderful support - I'm sure the children really appreciated it!

Den Day

On Friday 16th June 2017 we ,The School Council, asked all pupils to build dens for Save the Children’s Den Day. It was a fun way for us to raise funds that will change children’s lives, whilst we learnt new skills and important lessons about the world around them. In the afternoon each class visited all the dens. The variety was amazing ranging from tiny dens to cardboard castles!

In total we raised £134.40 to help Save the Children give children around the world a safe place to sleep at night.

Rotary Award

A very big well done to Ellie who last week attended the Rotary Award presentation at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.

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