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The school policies, in PDF format, can be accessed below: (Paper copies can be obtained by contacting Sue Millward, the Senior Business Officer, in the school office).

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Data Protection Access to Personal Information Procedure.docx265 kb12-Feb-19
Document 4 (a) - Privacy Notice (Pupils) - Jofli.docx270 kb29-Apr-19
Code of Conduct Policy and letter 13.03.18pdf.pdf252 kb24-Jan-19
Document 5 - Data Retention Policy.doc429 kb29-Apr-19
Data Protection Culture and Confirmation Statement.docx257 kb12-Feb-19
Data Protection Privacy Impact Assessment Procedures.docx331 kb12-Feb-19
What to do if you're worried a child is being abused.pdf310 kb14-Nov-18
Data Protection Privacy Notice (Staff).doc501 kb12-Feb-19
Online Safety Policy.docx86 kb10-Apr-19
Health & Safety Policy.doc165 kb10-Apr-19
Managing Allegations Against Staff.docx81 kb14-Nov-18
Equalities Objectives - Vision Statement.docx248 kb09-Apr-18
Uniform Policy (1).pdf416 kb10-Oct-17
Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing Policy) Nov 2015.doc105 kb24-Jan-19
Data Protection Image Use Policy and Consent Records.docx258 kb15-Feb-19
Admission Policy 18.docx256 kb08-Jun-18
Private Fostering Policy.docx1.6 MB05-Jun-19
Data Breach Procedure.docx319 kb12-Feb-19
Accessibility Plan for William Levick Primary School.pdf82 kb30-Sep-16
Data Protection Template Data Privacy Impact Assessment.docx264 kb12-Feb-19
WL Dinner Debt Policy.docx16 kb24-Jan-19
Anti Bullying Policy.docx283 kb24-Jan-19
Child Protection Policy.docx112 kb14-Nov-18
Keeping Children Safe in Education.pdf849 kb14-Nov-18
Data Protection Policy.docx272 kb12-Feb-19
Data Protection Privacy Notice (Governors).doc493 kb12-Feb-19
Data Protection Privacy Notice (General - Website - Cookie Policy).docx264 kb12-Feb-19
Equality Policy - March 16.doc329 kb22-Apr-16
Homework Policy.pdf316 kb12-Jun-17
Privacy Notice for WLPS.docx282 kb13-Sep-18
Administration of Medicines 2013.08 V02.pdf1.4 MB31-Mar-17
Exclusion Policy.pdf170 kb30-Jun-17
Imprest Account Form A.pdf95 kb05-Apr-19
Charging & Remissions Policy.docx258 kb08-Jun-18
SEND Policy.doc76 kb24-Jan-19
Complaints Procedure.odt272 kb08-Apr-19
Public Sector Equality Duty Statement v2.docx249 kb10-Apr-19
Working Together to Safeguard Children.pdf1.8 MB14-Nov-18
lockdown.pdf310 kb05-Jun-18
Attendance Policy.docx272 kb10-Sep-18
Behaviour Policy.doc313 kb11-Jun-18
Extremism and Radicalisation Policy.docx369 kb10-Apr-19

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