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Parent Communication

Please find below recent letters sent home from school.

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holiday request.doc1.1 MB24-Nov-15
General Election & Polling on June 8th.pdf134 kb24-Apr-17
Homework Consultation Letter to Parents.pdf93 kb03-Apr-17
Friday 9th September 2016.pdf83 kb09-Sep-16
Online Safety Evening - Monday 1st Feb.pdf266 kb11-Jan-16
medicine letter.pdf87 kb02-Dec-15
Morning Reading.doc1.1 MB06-Jan-16
90% Attendance Letter.doc1.1 MB11-Jan-16
Table Summer 2.pdf135 kb22-May-17
newsletter 14.4.2016.pdf97 kb14-Apr-16
Attendance - Procedures regarding fine.pdf136 kb18-Sep-17
music lessons interest.pdf80 kb10-Jan-17
Mrs Hudsons Pregnancy.pdf237 kb09-Sep-16
After School Club Letter - Sum 1.pdf254 kb31-Mar-17
School Uniform Amendments.pdf134 kb27-Mar-17
Welcome Back Letter.pdf143 kb05-Sep-17
uniform letter jan 2017 .pdf97 kb10-Jan-17
Bad weather letter november 2015.doc1.1 MB24-Nov-15
30 days wild.pdf80 kb22-May-17
stat letter 4.1.2017.pdf110 kb09-Jan-17
Monday 24th April 2017.pdf70 kb24-Apr-17
Christmas permission to leave december 2015.doc1.1 MB24-Nov-15
Seesaw.pdf138 kb20-Sep-17
Mothers day letter 2016.doc1.1 MB22-Feb-16
Fathers Day Lunch 2017 .pdf203 kb05-Jun-17
Parade.pdf144 kb01-Nov-17
polling day letter.pdf121 kb15-Mar-17
NSPCC Assemblies & Workshop.pdf219 kb01-Nov-17
Clubs letter Term 2.pdf119 kb16-Oct-17
After School Club Letter - Sum 2.pdf173 kb22-May-17
Parent wish list Feb 2016 - acc letter.doc1.1 MB12-Feb-16
Book club Letter .pdf178 kb22-May-17
Welcome Letter to Parents.pdf239 kb09-Sep-16
Clubs table Term 1.pdf136 kb16-Oct-17
Photograph Statement.pdf169 kb11-Jan-16
General Election - Kids Club Open for Business.pdf78 kb25-Apr-17
parents evening letter.pdf195 kb09-Jan-17

There are many procedures in place to make sure that pupil's behaviour is good.Ofsted report