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School Council

William Levick School Council meets at 12:30pm every Tuesdays to discuss how we can make our school healthier, happier and a safer place. We also get involved and raise money for lots of charities world-wide, such as: Project Paddington, Children In Need. Please see our Success Stories page for amounts collected.

We are also working towards raising money for UNICEF and Sports Relief.

On Tuesday 10th January, we took part in the National Bright Beep Beep Day. The School Council played a large part in organising this day, by contacting the local Police, who then came in to do a special assembly on road safety! They advised the whole school on how to stay safe on roads, and gave all the children brightly coloured arm bands that light up! Please see our success page for all the photo's and more information.

All the children dressed up in bright clothing, this is in recognition for the 121 children that are involved in road traffic accidents on their way to school.

This year’s Schools Council have worked hard about selecting our 5 star values, “Connor Y5 School Council said "we asked several providers such as Mr Winson, Midday supervisors, our own classes and teaching staff in school for their opinion, and then as a school council and we debated which values were most important for our school, l we selected the final 5 and we are very proud to present them!”

William Levick's School Council

Recently moved into area and all pupils and staff made a great effort to make her feel settled and welcome. Can't wait to get there in the mornings! Both children love the school, the teachers and their peersParent Questionnaire.