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Rowling Class (Y5/6)

Hello, we are Class 6 and this is our blog.

Lately we have been up to lots of dramatic acting and singing which is related to our summer production ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ This is also our whole school topic. In our previous topic, ‘Let’s Investigate!, we got up to lots of fun activities, discovering and making experiments.

Not too long ago we introduced class songs into our school - this is where each class picks a song to perform to the school in a singing assembly. We also just recently had an overnight visit (Yes, overnight!) to Weston Park Museum with the majority of the juniors and got up to lots of fun.

Recently, we’ve had a visit from Razzmatazz, a musical theatre group, who came in to do a fun workshop where we took part in acting out scenes which included everyday objects, such as: sunglasses, a bottle of water, keys, a pen and some tissues. We also played games; these were wink murder and the zombie name game. So thank you Melanie for having such a great time with us! J

Lucy, Cerys, Sofia and Charlotte.

JULY 2017

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Organisation and school progress has noticeably improved with the appointment of Mr Winson.Parent Questionnaire.