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Rowling Class (Y5/6)

Well done to all the children in Class 6 who have, once again, produced some impressive pieces of homework for our topic “To Infinity and Beyond” - these can be seen on display in the junior corridor and the immersion room. The children’s artistic skills have continued at school where the children have produced numerous pieces of space related artwork including observational drawings, marble-effect planets and explosive rocket pictures. The children have been experimenting with different painting techniques to create movement and textures.

In English, we have been writing letters for real purpose. We began with letters to the council to highlight the condition of our local footpaths and most recently, we have written to Tim Peake to ask him questions about his life and time in space. For the second half term, the children have chosen to write play scripts and the children are getting inspiration from famous sci-fi films such as Apollo 13 and E.T.

In addition to the amazing maths that takes place in maths lessons, we have also done lots of cross-curricular maths again this term. This time though linked with computing also. The tasks included: calculating the different amounts of daylight hours throughout the year and checking the results by inputting formulas in Microsoft Excel and calculating the time it takes each of the planets to orbit the sun (converting Earth years in decimal format into Earth days – not the easiest of calculations!) The children have then used these figures to programme their animation of the solar system so that it runs in relative time. The final results look amazing!

In design and technology, the children have been evaluating moon buggy designs and then produced their own. The children have worked together to produce imaginative, detailed designs and are now ready to use everyday objects to make each moon buggy part. The children have even turned their hands to woodwork to create frames for the base of the buggy!

Exciting news: we have a new addition to our computer suite – a new 3D printer! Selected members of our class have completed training to become our school’s 3D printing ambassadors; learning how to use CAD software and how to print out completed designs. These children have been extremely committed and have eagerly attended each lunchtime club. They are now in the process of training the rest of the class - the aim, this term, is to produce items to add to their moon buggy models!

We have also looked at the more scientific side of Earth and Space, including how day/night, months and seasons occur. We are also looking forward to ending this topic by carrying out investigations based on shadow length and designing a space capsule to protect an egg as it lands back onto Earth.

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Pupils are confident speakers. Ofsted report