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Rowling Class (Y5/6)

Welcome back Class 6,

What a great first few weeks we have had! The children have been working extremely hard right from the start! The positive behaviour ticks are mounting up as the children are demonstrating excellent behaviour both in and outside the classroom! The children are being super organised and making sure they have all their equipment out ready to start lessons. The classroom has also looked super tidy at the end of the day – let’s keep this up Class 6 – us teachers too!

We have also made a start to our topic “The Amazing Americas”, where this half term we will be focussing on the continent of North America. The children were fantastic at locating the different countries within North America, even all the islands which are quite tricky, given their size!

Well done to all those children who have clearly spent a lot of time producing some stunning looking homework; the work is now displayed in the junior corridor for all to enjoy.

We have made a start to our class book – TheGauntlet – which the children chose at the end of last term and we are looking forward to reading a few pages at the end of each day.

Exciting news - we have a selection of new books for the children to read during free reading time - there are some seriously good reads to choose from – so make sure you grab hold of one soon!

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Pupils books are well cared for. Ofsted report