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Rowling Class (Y5/6)

Rowling Class have had an excellent half term finding out all about Ancient Egypt.

Our new topic is Walk on the Wild Side! This will be a science and geography based topic learning about wildlife and woodlands. We hope to go to a trip to a local woodland to study the plants and animals in this type of environment and then we will compare this area with woodlands in other parts of the UK and ones in California too.

We will also continue our TASC approach to learning as each group will choose an insect/ minibeast to research and then present their findings to the rest of the class. We also aim to design and make a 3D model of this type of bug. Sounds like a fun half term ahead!

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One parent told inspectors that the school was "a well-run school that is inclusive and caters for the needs for all pupils". Another commented that the school was "simply brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed by my daughter who is thriving educationally". Ofsted report