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Class 5 - Walliams

Class Walliams' update!

We have just started our new topic ‘Let’s Investigate’ and have displayed the fantastic ‘Science Selfies’ the children did for homework. For the first science lesson the class did a variety of investigation tasks exploring forces, magnets and circuits. The children made predictions, then tested out these predictions and discussed their findings in groups. Over the next few weeks they will be exploring these aspects in further depth. We will end this topic with a TASC approach to learning where each group will create a board game using the scientific skills and knowledge learnt during this topic.

In English, the children chose to write adventure stories, they started by reading the beginning of ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne and then predicted what may happen and wrote an ending to the story. They are continuing to develop their writing skills focusing on predicting and the use of adverbs and powerful verbs. For the next English focus, Class 5 chose to do instructions.

In Maths the children are learning about fractions and continuing to apply their knowledge to problem solving skills around fractions.

In P.E we are doing dance and linking it to our topic of forces. In groups the children have choreographed sequences and thought about creative ways they can represent magnets, forces and circuits with their movements.

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Parent's evenings are informative, open days are a great idea to see children's work. Really enjoyed the games afternoon.Parent Questionnaire.