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Class 5 - Walliams

This term we are travelling back to the 1940’s in KS2. We started this topic with a FANTASTIC trip to Kelham Museum. Dressed for the occasion, Class 5 experienced life as evacuees and munition workers; they also found out about life on the Home Front. They learnt songs and heard stories about life in the 1940s. In addition, they were lucky enough to see the River Don Engine in action!

In English this term, Class 5 will use role play to experience life as evacuees: writing letters from their new surroundings to their parents back home and writing diary entries describing their experiences as evacuees. Our new class book - ‘Letters from a Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll -will help us with our writing.

In dance, Class 5 have already choreographed their own 1940s-style dances. Using swing moves from that era, they have produced lots of excellent routines to the music ‘In the Mood’ by Glenn Miller.

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Pupils books are well cared for. Ofsted report