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Class 5 - Walliams

This term started with a BANG when class 5 shared their fantastic homework for the topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. They were lucky enough to have a visit from the Wonderdome, to experience a virtual reality journey through space!

In their English lessons, class 5 all had a go at writing a letter to Tim Peak. They gathered together questions that they wanted to ask him and the two best letters have been sent to him. Recently, Class 5 have been busy acting out playscripts and they have even created some of their own.

Also this term, some of the William Levick pupils underwent some serious astronaut training! This involved a lot of physical activities, including those which tested their reaction skills.

In art this term, Class 5 have been studying Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. After looking at how Van Gogh used the swirls to create movement, they experimented with ink in water to create movement in their own work, which depicted planets.

In design and technology, the children have been designing their own moon buggies. They began thinking about their success criteria, then they made a proto type moon buggy using different construction kits. They’re looking forward to creating their finished moon buggies!

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There is a vast range of opportunities for extended learning in after-school clubs and trips outside of school. Ofsted report