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This term our new topic is ‘Food’. We have been discussing food we like and dislike and will be looking at where different food comes from. We will compare where we live and what it is like in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We will learn about what kinds of food is eaten in different places and why certain foods can only grow in certain places. The children are already looking forward to our food tasting afternoon. We will then look at healthy food and then design, make and evaluate a healthy sandwich. As part of our topic the children have been really enjoying the Restaurant role play, picking food from the menu and taking orders from each other.

In English we have started looking at the Supertato books and have been creating our own super vegetables. We will be writing our own adventures and will keep working on using adjectives and writing sentences with the correct punctuation. We have also started learning some spelling rules.

In Maths we have moved onto subtraction. We will be learning different methods for subtraction, using drawings & equipment and will also be working on our mental arithmetic skills. We will then be moving onto shape and direction.

In Reading we will be focussing on answering reading comprehension questions this term, retrieving the correct information from the text and making inferences.

The children have made a fantastic start to our second term and are already working really hard.

Letters To Parents

For more information about current events, please see our Year 1 Letters.

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Pupils exhibit an enthusiasm for learning and a thirst to learn more because leaders have made sure that the curriculum is broad, balanced and responsive to their needs and interests. Ofsted report