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Class 2 - Donaldson

Year 1

We are very excited in year 1 at the moment – we baked gingerbread men before the half term holidays, but what we didn’t realise is one has escaped! He has sent us lots of postcards of places he has run away to. We are going to follow the clues to find out where the gingerbread man has been, but also to find out about places around the UK and (if he travels further!) about the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We are keeping a “case file” booklet to write down his adventures.

In other English work, we will be reading and comparing Julia Donaldson books and using them as a basis for our writing. In science, we are learning about animals and humans, including parts of the body and describing and comparing different animals. In maths we will be revisiting number work and calculations.

We also have sports day to look forward to and lots of other things happening so it will be a very busy last year 1 half term!

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William Levick is a excellent school.Parent Questionnaire.