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Welcome to William Levick Primary School

We hope our site keeps you up-to-date with all that is going on in school and gives a good overview of what we offer.

Visits are warmly welcomed and we encourage you to make an appointment to come and see us for yourself.

We look forward to meeting and working with you to ensure your child gets the most out of their time at primary school.

School Aims

At William Levick we aim...


  • To provide a welcoming, happy, safe and stimulating environment for all.
  • To have open and effective communication to promote positive working partnerships with parents and carers to best support children in their learning.
  • To provide relevant and engaging learning opportunities which develop and embed key skills through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To encourage children to take responsibility for their learning by providing opportunities for independent thinking, decision making, collaborative working and appropriate risk taking.
  • For each child to have high aspirations and positive attitudes toward themselves, others and their learning in order to achieve personal success.
  • To equip all children with the knowledge, understanding and skills to become respectful and caring citizens contributing positively to the local, national and global community.

What's On
Friendship Week | 17th Nov 14(1/14)
This week, in conjunction with national Anti-Bullying Week. Children will work together on activities to build friendships across the year groups. In assemblies we will explore what friendship means and how our words and actions can affect others.
Keyboard Lessons | 17th Nov 14(2/14)
Monday pm. Mrs Ryder will be in school for children having keyboard lessons. Any new children interested in having lessons should enquire at the school office.
Choir | 17th Nov 14(3/14)
Monday 3:20-4:20pm The choir are practising for Young Voices at the moment. Meet with Mrs Wileman in the Foundation Stage classroom.
Year 2 Cookery | 17th Nov 14(4/14)
Monday 3:20-4:20pm Mrs Thorlby will be baking with the next group of year 2 children in the baking area outside year 2.
RuggerEds | 17th Nov 14(5/14)
Monday 3:20-4:20pm Rugby for FS & KS1 in the hall.
Science Club | 18th Nov 14(6/14)
Tuesday 3:20-4:20pm Year 1 & Year 2 Join Mrs Smith in the year 1 classroom for some science fun!
KS2 Street Dance | 18th Nov 14(7/14)
Tuesday 3:20-4:20pm Children in year 3-6. Join Jazz in the hall.
KS1 Streetdance | 19th Nov 14(8/14)
Wednesday 3:20-4:20pm Year 1 & Year 2 join Jack in the hall for Streetdance.
KS2 Art Club | 19th Nov 14(9/14)
Wednesday 12:30-1pm: Art club are currently working on the school's contribution to the Dronfield Barn Quilt project. The children's completed work will be displayed alongside others in the Dronfield Barn.
ICT Club | 19th Nov 14(10/14)
Wednesday 12:30-1pm All welcome to join Miss Watson in the ICT suite.
Wildlife / Nature Club | 19th Nov 14(11/14)
Wednesday 3:20-4:20pm Join Mrs Peckett to explore the wildlife in the school grounds. Get hands on making bird-feeders, insect homes and a range of other nature related items.
Open Evening | 19th Nov 14(12/14)
Parents of children starting school in September 2015 are invited to join us for our Open Evening on Wednesday 19th November, at 6pm, in the School Hall. We're looking forward to meeting you.
Christmas Shoe Boxes | 20th Nov 14(13/14)
Thursday 20th November is the deadline for Christmas Shoe Boxes. Please bring to school and place on the table set up in the school hall.
Coloured Hamper Items | 21st Nov 14(14/14)
Please bring your coloured hamper items to school by Friday 21st November.
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